WSF Thematic Workshop and Summer School “The Future of Child and Family Welfare Policy”


How far does variation in policies and priorities reflect diversity in the social construction of abuse and neglect between countries? Are variations in policy and practice associated with variation in outcomes for children and families? How do practitioners in different welfare systems understand the notion ‘family’ in professional practice? What broader trends in the development of European welfare states do these variations reflect and which implications do they bring about?

These and further questions will be raised at the WSF Thematic Workshop and Summer School on The Future of Child and Family Welfare Policy: Looking Through Different Lenses at the University of Groningen, 21 – 25 August 2017. The summer school directed at BA, MA and PhD students, researches, practioners and other stakeholders is a joint product of projects HESTIA and FACSK as well as the European Scientific Association on Residential & Family Care for Children and Adolescents (EUSARF, and EUSARF Academy).


  • Dr. Mónica López López, University of Groningen | HESTIA
  • Prof. Lennart Nygren, Umeå University | FACSK
  • Prof. Hans Grietens, University of Groningen | HESTIA
  • Helen Bouma, University of Groningen | HESTIA

HESTIA aims to discover the nature and impact of variations in child protection systems through a comparison of three quite different welfare states (England, Germany, the Netherlands).

FACSK analyses how social workers across different contexts understand notions of family and how they describe their own practices and outcomes with families across four service areas (child welfare, substance abuse, mental health, and migration) in eight countries (Norway, Sweden, England, Ireland, Chile, Mexico, Lithuania and Bulgaria).

EUSARF is a body of researchers in the fields of child welfare and child protection. EUSARF wants to promote scientific research into the field of child and family welfare and child protection, and interchange of information relating to these subjects between European members and other associations throughout the world.