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WelfSOC publications

Filipovič Hrast, Maša, Mi Ah Schoyen and Tatjana Rakar (2019) “A comparative analysis of people’s views on future policies for older people” Revija za socijalnu politiku (Croatian Journal of social policy) 26 (2), 153-169. Leruth, Benjamin and Peter Taylor-Gooby (2019) “Does political … Lees meer

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UPWEB WelfSOC publications

Phillimore, Jenny, Hannah Bradby, Lucy Doos, Michi Knecht, Beatriz Padilla and Silja Samerski (2019) “Health Providers as Bricoleurs: An Examination of the Adaption of Health Ecosystems to Superdiversity in Europe” Journal of European Social Policy 29 (3), 361-375. Phillimore, Jenny, Hannah Bradby, Michi Knecht, Beatriz Padilla … Lees meer

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TRANSWEL publications

Scheibelhofer, Elisabeth (2019) “Conceptualising the social positioning of refugees reflections on socio-institutional contexts and agency with a focus on work” Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 26 (3), 289-304. Carmel, Emma and Sojka Borenza (2018) “Social security and migration” In: Jane … Lees meer

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TransJudFare publications

Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg, Michael Blauberger, Anita Heindlmaier and Jessica Sampson Thierry (2019) “Implementing European case law at the bureaucratic frontline: How domestic signalling influences the outcomes of EU law” Public Administration, DOI: 10.1111/padm.12603. Martinsen, Dorte Sindbjerg and Benjamin Werner (2019) “No … Lees meer

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MobileWelfare publications

de Jong, Petra and Helga de Valk (2019) “Intra-European migration decisions and welfare systems: the missing life course link” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2019.1611421. Jakubiak, Igor (2019) “Does welfare drive international migration? – a European experience” International Journal of Manpower, … Lees meer

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MIFARE publications

Renema, Jeanette A. J., Roza Meulemann and Marcel Lubbers (2019) “Immigrants’ Support for Welfare Spending and the Role of Perceived and Preferred Group’s Access to Welfare: A Comparative Study Among 10 Immigrant Groups in the Netherlands” International Journal of Public Opinion … Lees meer

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HiNEWS publications

Reibling, Nadine, Mareike Ariaans and Claus Wendt (2019) “Worlds of Healthcare: A Healthcare System Typology of OECD Countries” Health Policy 123 (7), 611-620. Bambra Clare, Nadine Reibling and Courtney McNamarra (2018) “States of Health: Welfare Regimes, Health and Healthcare” In: Bent Greve … Lees meer

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HESTIA publications

Witte, Susanne (2019) “The voice of the child in child protection decision-making. A cross-comparison of policy and practice in England, Germany and the Netherlands” In: J. Fluke, M. López, R. Benbenishty, E. Knorth, & D. Baumann (eds.) Decision Making and Judgement … Lees meer

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HEALTHDOX publications

Immergut, Ellen M., Karen M. Anderson, Camilla Devitt and Tamara Popic (eds.) (2020) Health Politics in Europe: A Handbook, Oxford: Oxford University Press. Asensio, Maria and Tamara Popic (2019) “Portuguese Healthcare Reforms in the Context of Crisis: External Pressure or Domestic Choice?” Social … Lees meer

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GlobLabWS publications

Dewit, Gerda, Holger Görg and Yama Temouri (2018) “Employment Protection and Firm Relocation: Theory and Evidence” Economia, DOI: 10.1111/ecca.12280. Görg, Holger and Aoife Hanley (eds.) (2018) “Offshoring: Causes and Consequences at the Firm and Worker Level”, World Scientific Studies in International Economics 71, … Lees meer

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