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WelfSOC open access

Taylor-Gooby, Peter, Jan-Ocko Heuer, Heejung Chung and Benjamin Leruth (2019) “Regimes, Social Risks and the Welfare Mix: Unpacking Attitudes to Pensions and Childcare in Germany and the UK Through Deliberative Forums” Journal of Social Policy, DOI: 10.1017/S004727941800079X. Taylor-Gooby, Peter, Bjørn Hvinden, … Lees meer

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UPWEB open access

Bradby, Hannah, Rachel Humphris and Beatriz Padilla (2018) “Universalism, diversity and norms: gratitude, healthcare and welfare chauvinism” Critical Public Health, DOI: 10.1080/09581596.2018.1522420. Hamed, Sarah, Sonja Klingberg, Amina Jama Mahmud and Hannah Bradby (2018) “Researching health in diverse neighbourhoods: critical reflection on … Lees meer

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TRANSWEL open access

Scheibelhofer, Elisabeth (2019) “Conceptualising the social positioning of refugees reflections on socio-institutional contexts and agency with a focus on work” Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power 26 (3), 289-304. Scheibelhofer, Elisabeth (2018) “Shifting migration aspirations in second modernity” Journal of Ethnic and … Lees meer

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TRANSJUDFARE open access

Blauberger, Michael, Anita Heindlmaier, Dion Kramer, Dorte Sindbjerg Martinsen, Jessica Sampson Thierry, Angelika Schenk and Benjamin Werner (2018) “ECJ Judges Read the Morning Papers. Explaining the Turnaround of European Citizenship Jurisprudence” Journal of European Public Policy, 25 (10), 1422-1441. Davies, Gareth … Lees meer

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MIFARE open access

Renema, Jeanette A. J., Roza Meulemann and Marcel Lubbers (2019) “Immigrants’ Support for Welfare Spending and the Role of Perceived and Preferred Group’s Access to Welfare: A Comparative Study Among 10 Immigrant Groups in the Netherlands” International Journal of Public Opinion … Lees meer

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MobileWelfare open access

de Jong, Petra and Helga de Valk (2019) “Intra-European migration decisions and welfare systems: the missing life course link” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1369183X.2019.1611421. de Jong, Petra and Helga de Valk (2018) “Are migration decisions in Europe influenced by … Lees meer

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HiNEWS open access

Reibling, Nadine, Mareike Ariaans and Claus Wendt (2019) “Worlds of Healthcare: A Healthcare System Typology of OECD Countries” Health Policy 123 (7), 611-620. Graham, Eva A., Katie H. Thomson and Clare Bambra (2018) “The association between diabetes and depressive symptoms varies by … Lees meer

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HEALTHDOX open access

Roots, Ave, Mare Ainsaar and Oliver Nahkur (2019) “Economic inequality in satisfaction with healthcare in the Baltic countries during and after the economic crisis (2008 – 2014)” Journal of Baltic Studies 50 (1), 21-37. Schneider, Simone M. (2019) “Why Income Inequality Is … Lees meer

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GIWeS open access

Antón, José-Ignacio, Francisco-Javier Braña and Rafael Muñoz de Bustillo (2016) “An Analysis of the Cost of Disability across Europe Using the Standard of Living Approach” SERIEs 7 (3), 281-306. Golman, Russel, George Loewenstein, Karl O. Moene and Luca Zarri (2016) “The Preference … Lees meer

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FPRWS open access

Cettolin Elena and Franziska Tausch (2015) “Risk taking and risk sharing: Does responsibility matter?” Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 50 (3), 229–248. Fiala, Lenka and Sigrid Suetens (2017) “Transparency and Cooperation in Repeated Dilemma Games: A Meta Study” Experimental Economics 20 (4), 755-771. … Lees meer

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