TRISP: Trends in Inequality: Sources and Policy

About the project

This project aims to understand the driving forces of trends in income, wealth and consumption inequality. To this purpose the project develops macroeconomic models of interacting firms and households and their decisions over the life-cycle. The project also covers stages of a person’s life-cycle from birth to childhood, from working to retirement, as well as the transitions from rich to poor, from healthy to unhealthy, etc. These models will enable the team to distinguish between different sources of inequality trends. The team also studies extensively the role played by policy.


The consortium communicates the findings from the project internally and externally through several smaller internal workshops, a medium sized international conference, scientific papers, policy briefs, and the joint website. The project will provide important information to policy makers on the roles of different forces shaping inequality trends and on the effectiveness of policies.

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Research team

Prof. A. Ludwig
Goethe University Frankfurt

Prof. M. De Nardi
University College London

Prof. P. Krusell
Stockholm University

Dr G. Fella
University of London