INformation in the EU’s DIgitalised GOvernance (INDIGO)

The project INDIGO (INformation in the EU’s DIgitalised Governance) addresses pressing issues affecting the future of democratic governance in Europe in view of the use of advanced machine learning based algorithms in public decision making. The project builds on an inter-disciplinary team of experts based in Luxembourg, Barcelona, Freiburg, Helsinki and Karlsruhe organised in working groups composed of legal scholars, social scientists and computer science experts on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The project teams will study the interactions of new technologies and their impact on concepts of democratic accountability, the rule of law, fundamental rights and principles and the use of expert knowledge in public decision-making.

The research undertaken is to develop future-proof regulatory approaches to technological innovation structuring the interface between citizens, science and law and the notions of discretion in view of AI. Thereby, INDIGO will develop pathways to both enhance the rule of law, democracy, transparency and the protection of fundamental individual rights as well as efficiency in problem solving and provision of public goods in the context of the deep and potentially profoundly transformative impact of innovative information technologies on rule-making and decision-making procedures in the EU.

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Research team

Project Leader:
Professor H. Hofmann
University of Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

Principal Investigators:
Professor F. Boehm
FIZ Karlsruhe (Germany)

Professor O. Mir
Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

Professor J.P. Schneider
University of Freiburg (Germany)

Professor P. Leino-Sandberg
University of Helsinki (Finland)