Welfare State Futures Projects

Fifteen research projects were funded in the NORFACE research programme “Welfare State Futures”:

EXCELC: Exploring Comparative Effectiveness and Efficiency in Long-term Care
Prof. J.E. Forder, University of Kent at Canterbury, Dr. I.E.O. Linnosmaa, National Institute for Health and Welfare, J.N. Malley, London School of Economics and Dr. B. Trukeschitz, WU Vienna University of Economics and Business

FACSK: Family Complexity and Social Work. A Comparative Study of Family-based Welfare Work in Different Welfare Regimes
Prof. S.O.L. Nygren, Umea University, Prof. S. Oltedal, University of Stavanger and Prof. S.J.B. White, University of Birmingham

FPRWS: Fairness, Personal Responsibility and the Welfare State
Prof. A.W. Cappelen, NHH Norwegian School of Economics, Prof. S. Kuhnle, University of Bergen, Dr. S. Suetens, Tilburg University and Prof. J.R. Tyran, University of Vienna

GIWeS Globalisation, Institutions and the Welfare State
Prof. K.O. Moene, University of Oslo, Prof. C. Dustmann, University College London, Prof. O. Raaum, Ragnar Frisch Centre for Economic Research and Prof. R. Winter-Ebmer, Johannes Kepler University Linz

GlobLabWS: Globalisation, Labour Markets, and the Welfare State
Prof. C. Montagna, University of Aberdeen, Dr. H. Görg, Kiel Institute for World Economics and Prof. F. Sjöholm, Lund University

HEALTHDOX The Paradox of Health State Futures
Prof. E.M. Immergut, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Dr. M. Ainsaar, Tartu University, Dr. K.M. Anderson, Radboud University, Prof. M. Asensio, Technical University of Lisbon, Dr. P. Blomqvist, Uppsala University, Dr. C. Devitt,Trinity College Dublin and Dr. M. Oskarson, University of Gothenburg

Prof. dr. C. Bambra, University of Durham, Dr. T.A. Eikemo,  Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Dr. T.H.M. Huijts, Queen Mary, University of London and Prof. dr. C. Wendt, University of Siegen

4Is: Inequalities, Insurance, Incentives and Immigration: Challenges and Solutions for the Welfare State
Prof. E. Mörk, Uppsala University, Prof. M. Brewer, University of Essex, Prof. K. Kotakorpi, University of Turku and Prof. J. Pirttilä, University of Tampere

MIFARE: Migrants’ Welfare State Attitudes
Dr. M. Lubbers, Radboud University, Prof. dr. C. Diehl, University of Konstanz and Prof. C.A. Larsen, Aalborg University

MobileWelfare: European Welfare Systems in Times of Mobility
Prof. dr. H.A.G. de Valk, Nederlands Interdisciplinair Demografisch Instituut, Prof. dr. M.L. Fonseca, University of Lisbon, Dr. H.G. de Haas, University of Oxford and Dr. P. Kaczmarczyk, University of Warsaw

HESTIA: Policies and Responses with Regard to Child Abuse and Neglect in England, Germany and the Netherlands: A Comparative Multi-Site Study
Prof. H.W.E. Grietens, University of Groningen, Prof. N. Biehal, University of York and Prof. S. Walper, German Youth Institute

TransJudFare: Transnationalization and the Judicialization of Welfare
Prof. dr. S.K. Schmidt, University of Bremen, Dr. M. Blauberger, University of Salzburg, Prof. dr. G.T. Davies, VU University and Prof. D.S. Martinsen, University of Copenhagen

TRANSWEL: Mobile Welfare in a Transnational Europe: An Analysis of Portability Regimes of Social Security Rights
Prof. dr. A.A. Amelina, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main, Prof. dr. E.C. Carmel, University of Bath, Prof. dr. A.R. Runfors, Södertörn University and Prof. dr. E.S. Scheibelhofer, University of Vienna

UPWEB: Understanding the Practice and Developing the Concept of Welfare Bricolage
Prof. dr. J.A. Phillimore, University of Birmingham, Dr. H. Bradby, Uppsala University, Prof. M. Knecht, University of Bremen, Prof. B. Padilla, University of Minho

WelfSOC: Welfare State Futures: Our Children’s Europe
Prof. P.F. Taylor-Gooby, University of Kent at Canterbury, Prof. J. Goul Andersen, Aalborg University, Prof. M.F. Hrast, University of Ljubljana, Prof. B. Hvinden, NOVA – Norwegian Social Research and Prof. S. Mau, University of Bremen