Seminar Series Seminars

The NORFACE Seminar Series scheme has been set up to support research networking in social sciences within strategically chosen themes. The funding from the NORFACE enables researchers working within the seminar group to meet regularly, to exchange information and ideas with the aim of advancing research within their fields.

The seminar groups funded from the 2005 call:

  • The Transatlantic Relationship and the Struggle for Europe – Christopher Browning, Keele University (more info)
  • Illuminating Theory/Guiding Practice; Formal and Informal Venture Capital Instruments for the Financing of Innovative Young Firms – Gordon Murray, University of Exeter (more info)

The seminar groups funded from the 2006 call:

  • Social Aspects of Language Diversity – Arja Piirainen-Marsh, University of Jyväskylä (more info)
  • Challenges of Immigration for Smaller Countries of Europe – Iseult Honohan, University College Dublin (more info)
  • Migrant Labour in the Eldercare Sector – G.W. Leeson, University of Oxford (more info)

The seminar groups funded from the 2007 call:

  • The economic impact of globalisation on Europe – Philip Lane, Trinity College Dublin (more info)
  • Globalisation and the transformation of Europe’s borders – Chris Rumford, University of London (more info)
  • Evidence and policy – Sandra Nutley, University of Edinburgh (more info)
  • Evidence, knowledge and power in international development policy and practice – Jeremy Gould, University of Helsinki (more info)