‘Re-emergence of Religion as a Social Force in Europe’
shutterstock_269844The programme ‘Re-emergence of Religion as a Social Force in Europe’ probed the current condition of religion in Europe against the background of European secularism. Also the programme investigated the re-kindling of religious activity brought about by the political and social changes in Europe of the past thirty years.The ten innovative and methodologically varied academic research projects took a look at the significance of religion in contemporary social life. Furthermore they explored the social and cultural impacts of recent religious growth points, such as Islam and Pentecostalism. The Programme was launched in March 2007 and has run till 2010.

Quantitative studies analysed data from the major social surveys conducted over the past ten years to examine whether religion has re-emerged as a social force, how much has changed, how much religion is still in decline and how far new migrant groups have transformed or merely refreshed the picture.

Qualitative projects involving ethnographic, visual and other methodologies, looked at the detail of religious activity through empirical and theoretical research. That way researchers explored issues concerning: gender, transnational processes, the politics of religious cultures, new forms of religious expression and many other dimensions of contemporary relevance.

An evaluation of the research programme was undertaken by the NORFACE consortium.Overall, the Review Panel concluded that the NORFACE Religion programme has proved to be a good instrument to stimulate excellent scientific research, develop a European research community, and tackle themes of importance for European public policy.

New brochure Presenting NORFACE Religion now available.