HESTIA Project News

Photo: Brian A Jackson
Discovering the Nature and Impact of Variations in Child Protection Systems. The HESTIA project aims to discover the nature and impact of variations in child protection systems through a comparison of three quite different welfare states (England, Germany, the Netherlands). It includes a comparative analysis of child protection policy and empirical studies of child protection practice. Second Global Status Report on Violence Prevention by WHO - Project Leader Prof. Hans Grietens to joi...

The WSF Thematic Workshop on Welfare and Migration at The Hague

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Discussing Key Challenges to Today’s Globalized World: Tensions Between Migration and the National Welfare State. The second Welfare State Futures (WSF) Thematic Workshop for 2017 took place at The Hague on March 16-17. After a short introduction by organizer Helga de Valk, Head of the WSF Project MobileWelfare and Theme Leader for Migration and Migrants at the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI), the workshop started with individual project presentations by Project Lea...

Report about the WSF Thematic Workshop on Welfare State Attitudes in Gothenburg

Report by Workshop Organizers Maria Oskarson and Björn Rönnerstrand, HEALTHDOX Good research requires interactions and discussions with colleagues within the same field, and the workshop program within the ERA-NET Cofund Welfare State Futures Program is intended to offer exactly that. The NORFACE Welfare State Futures Thematic Workshop on "The Social Legitimacy of Our Future Welfare State" was held in Gothenburg, Sweden, February 22-24 2017, and was the second cross-project workshop arranged ...

New brochures presenting NORFACE

We are proud to present you an overview of NORFACE and three of its thematic research programmes in the brochure series ‘Presenting NORFACE’. The following four new brochures are now available online. Presenting NORFACE The purpose of this brochure is to provide an overview of the goals, initiative activities and organisation of NORFACE. Presenting NORFACE Welfare State Futures The purpose of this brochure is to give insight in the objectives, impact, organisation and research projects o...